A t l an t i s   C h i l d


FOUNDATION BASE: Acrylic colours - normal & metallic on white high quality Italian canvas.

OTHER LAYERS: To create the 3D effect I have used a large variety of materials. There are many hundreds of mirror and other colour mosaic, creating a fish-like scales on the head and the body of this extraterrestrial star being. The tiny mirrors reflect the light when it is projected on the painting, creating very beautiful effect. It took indescribable amount of work applying this little parts one by one working on this unique art piece. By the same means are used all the other materials like: glass mosaic, tiny silver drops and sequins placed upon each other in sequence, jewel stones of different shapes and sizes, gilded shells, many different type of glitter and other materials. There is a very detailed DNA created in this way. The ear is sculptured from ceramic modeling clay.


FINISHING LAYERAll painting is covered under high quality liquid crystal resin so it gives the impression of this amphibious entity being under the water.

The other very important material I’ve used, are dome shaped translucent spheres made from orgone. Orgone is a crystal based substance using piezo electric energy that produces an ancient energy known as Aether Energy. Aether Energy is a positive life and healing energy. It is a very powerful positive energy projector which literally transmutes negative charged vibration to positive one. It is also known in some forms as Chi energy and the Bible Codes describes it as "Breath of Yah". It is seen as a blue aura around the earth. It is conceived as the anti-entropic principle of the universe, a creative substratum found in all of nature.

There are 13 of this orgone domes in the head and 16 in the body, with a total number of 29 domes. These domes were especially created for this artwork combining orgone with cooper made spirals inside of each one of them. So each dome is basically orgone generator, a self-driven, continuously operating, highly efficient energy transmutation device, drawing in negative life energy and transmuting it into positive energy. Thus painting in itself is a very powerful universal - life force energy projector.

Each of these domes represent a single galaxy in our tiny part of the universe, and a highly meditative viewer can directly tune in to this various galactic systems and their higher knowledges.