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• My artwork is available for exhibitions, media and sale.

• I am interested in a special art and fashion projects with common goal and purpose of contributing to our world by creating something beautiful which will inspire and uplift others.

• I am offering the creation of unique artworks; and paintings of the symbols, insignias and logos as well as sacred seals for organizations, brands and hotels.

• Creation of particular mosque designs and elaborated ornaments on the canvas using variety of materials like glitter, strass, mosaic and other, depending on a particular artwork.


• Mandalas and calligraphy.

• Photography art-fashion projects. Being not only the artist but model as well I am offering the complete production of fashion and art campaigns for brands and the editorials for the magazines as well as other photography projects. I work in a similar way as when I am creating other artwork. Understanding the vision of my client I prepare the presentation-layout elaborating on the vision: make-up, styling, lighting, and location for the photo-shooting. Usually I do as well the make-up and art direction working with different photographers and designers. But I am as well interested in collaborating only as a model, it all really depends on the project itself. I am very flexible and open when comes to creating of something exciting and beautiful.

• I have also particular strong passion in creating beautiful interior spaces. I am very good in interior design. I love hotels and have a vision of building one day a hotel which would be a space of incredible beauty. A beauty from a different world endowed with awareness where people would feel transformed and empowered.

• Price depends on a particular project, I am very open and flexible. I am offering my services free of charge for special projects with a noble cause.


Each of my artwork is very unique and one of its kind. I do not create similar pieces. When I begin to create for the client, first I try to perfectly understand the vision my client have elaborating on each detail. I think details are the most important if one wanna create something unique and special. I can as well suggest and help with the vision if necessary. Once the creation process begin I put all of my self into the piece I am working on so I can achieve not only the best result possible but go beyond. Great art must unlock new space in the heart and mind of the viewer. The same process I use for the photography projects.


Whether the artwork is of an imagery character or of an already pre-chosen design I always work with the spiritual energy when creating. I do believe real art must catch not only the eyes but must be felt within the heart it must have a soul. Real artist is able to channel that pure essence of energy into the canvas that essence is timeless space. Then when people look at the artwork they feel that space which will evoke in each person their individual feelings. Great art always bring kind of inner shift to the viewer. Such art then become free of time. Even after long time had past it would have the same power on the viewer. It would become even more powerful because with passing time the frequency channeled into the canvas by the artist will go trough the cycle of integration and evolution. 


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