D a k i n i   H e a r t


FOUNDATION BASE: Graphic collage created from photo, printed on hand stretched Italian high quality canvas.

OTHER LAYERS: Painted with the acrylic colours and calligraphy of The Sacred Syllable HUM. The painting is ornamented with the glitter, rhinestones and other elements creating a 3D effect.

FINISHING LAYER: All painting is covered with crystal resin which serves not only as a beautiful effect but it preserves this sacred artwork for the future generations.

FRAME: The painting is framed by the mirror & other type of mosaic. The corners of frame are decorated with "the symbol of Fleur-De-Lis or "Flower Of The Lily" made from pearls with smaller gilded Fleur-De-Lis inside. This symbol traditionally has been used to represent French royalty, and in that sense it is said to signify perfection, life and light. The inner corner of frame is decorated by gilded angels and other materials.

SIGNIFICANCE: The golden birds descended from the sun are holding a branch with the fruits of the compassion offering them to Dakini.  As she eats them they transform in her body into the little spheres of light. Then as her body slowly start to dissolve this spheres of light return back to space.


Dakini is a female embodiment of enlightenment  a type of sacred female spirit, but the term can also be applied to human women with a certain amount of spiritual development. Tibetan Buddhism offers a unique premise, that to be a woman can actually be favorable on the path to spiritual realization. Padmasambhava, the eighth century pioneer of Buddhism in Tibet, reasoned that women are better equipped to realize the wisdom of the teachings. Many lamas have said that women make superior practitioners because they are able to dive into meditation much more easily than males. This is because many males are afraid of dropping the intellect. To suddenly just let that go and be naked in the meditation experience is frightening for them, whereas women seem to be able to manage it naturally. Dakinis are elusive and playful by nature, trying to nail them down with a neat definition means missing them, since defying narrow intellectual concepts is at the core of their wise game. They’re not interested in intellectual discussion which they normally find dry and cold with minimum appeal because they know that the absolute reality cannot be grasped intellectually. To really meet the dakini, you have to go beyond duality.

The Tibetan word for dakini - khandro, means "sky-goer" or "space-dancer" which indicates that these ethereal awakened ones have left the confinements of solid earth and have the vastness of open space to play in.