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4. THE SEARCH FOR YOURSELVES | channeled by Barbara Marciniak

Updated: Jun 9, 2019


We are here. This evening we would be speaking about the ability to unite and become whole with oneself and one's ideals. Many of you are coming to a point of recognizing that there are many facets of who you are and many different approaches to the expression of who you are.

What it is essential for you to do is unite that ideal self with the self that considers itself whole on one hand and distorted and disjointed on another. What you are attempting to do in your reality, is to see how many facets of the self there indeed are, how to move your experience from one aspect of your being to another, to feel that you are indeed growing and accumulating an understanding of your reality that up until this point in time was not supported, was not recognized and basically was denied its existence.

What we are speaking of is how to keep the central channel open and clear and whole and united and still at your own whim and your own adventure and your own joy and understanding, move that channel to other portions of experience and other realities where you can gather information whether it comes from your so called past lives, or a past history of the planet or the universe, or a future time. Bear in mind that you are at a wonderful portion of your mind because you have gathered certain information and you are now able to put it to use. Please feel free to ask whatever you wish and we will attempt to enlarge the perspective that you presently have about your reality. QUESTION: How can we get people to focus on the same types of things?

PLEIADIANS: Your greatest homework is done with the self and you do not need to go out and wave the flags to the world. As you learn to feel light within yourselves and to effect through your thoughts, and have the love channeled into Mother Earth, and as you learn to bless where you live and take care of your portion of Terra, then you will affect others, for your vibration goes out and like attracts like. You will draw to yourself who you need to assist you.

There is a fine line between being responsible for yourself and moving out in a step of social consciousness, called service, into the world. As you learn to have your own life work, and to manifest quite easily what you are wanting, a natural portion of your evolution would move you to a place where you would desire greater experience. A portion of that greater experience is learned from others, and so you move into a role, not where you are saving others, but where you are enhancing your own work. None need to be saved by you or anyone.

Your primary work is with the self. The self is the portion of your experience that you are attempting to master. As you master who you are, you have tremendous abilities to draw to yourself others who are doing the same thing. You will join, and you will form new areas to learn about, and you will uncover new portions of your power and experience.

In this way, the world will not be destroyed. The world will not be covered over and ruined through pollution. You all think that your world is a solid ball that sits there in space. From one perspective, it is indeed true. But it is not the only, so called fact, about your world.

Your world has gone through much turmoil, much change. The condition in the world at this time is a direct reflection of the condition of the experiential soul entity of many of the humanities on the planet. So as you have your great pockets of beauty, you also have your great areas scarred with ugliness and great difficulty. Understand that this is not bad, so to speak. It is a learning process that you are all on, and it is a great process indeed.

The further you remove yourself from judgment and can accept the scarred and marred portions of your world as portions of energy learning, the greater you can heal that. The more you resist, the more you wish to have control and change, the more you are living out your own beliefs and the more you are limiting your own experience. Experience is to allow, and to joyfully create and not condemn another because they do not think or feel the way that you do.

QUESTION: What challenge might you give to trigger our unfolding?

PLEIADIANS: To keep this general and have all maintaining their own interest, there are two things. The challenge is to maintain joy. You all know that is a challenge indeed, for you all have your moods and your fluctuations. The challenge is to maintain joy and to vibrate and resonate completely in the time that you are finding yourself, where your experience lies.

The trick is to have that knowing always in your moments, for who you are comes out of that moment. We have a great empathy for you. We see where you, as humanities, have come from. We see the challenges that face you, the society that imprisons you, that would control and mold you to be less than you are capable of being.

QUESTION: Supposedly we knew that it was going to be a challenge.

PLEIADIANS: Indeed, and you also asked for assistance. You also came in vast numbers at this particular time [which was] designed by you all so that you would take the ultimate challenge. You knew that there would be great assistance. But you all had to rise to the challenge of recognizing that assistance that will be coming to you from all the teachings that are available now. And, not only to recognize it, but to put it to use and not deny the great teaching that you, yourselves, have set up for yourselves, so that you, yourselves, can move beyond who you are.

It is complicated. It is quite simple. It is why we are saying to maintain your joy. That is not, at your stage of development, an easy thing to do.

You all understand the power of the telepathic thought. You all understand that telepathy is continuously going out in your society and in your world. Have you noticed how more uncomfortable it is for you in the last, perhaps six months to a year, to be in large crowds of people unless it is a very selected, controlled group of like mind? If you are going to hear a certain someone speak and you all admire this person, you all have a certain thread in common. If you go into large cities and walk down the streets or go to football games or wherever mass humanities can be sending out massive amounts of telepathic thought, and you do not vibrate with this, it is very difficult for the receiving vehicle to handle all this chatter that it does not agree with.

This is why we are saying, it is difficult for you. This is from our point of view now, it is a concession that we are making so that you see what you are working with. It is difficult for you to maintain this joy in the moment. It is easier to maintain the focus in the moment than it is the joy.

At this time in your development, you have not learned how to shield and re-channel all of this data that floats around. To a large extent, you set yourselves up to be affected by many around you. It would behoove you all to place yourself in a shield so that you do not randomly pick up information that you do not need. You all think that germs fly in the air and that you could pick them up and catch sicknesses. If you are going to worry about something, it should be the thoughts that are flying through the air that you are calling to yourselves, that you are supporting yourselves with and allowing yourselves to be affected by.

It would stand you all in good service if you saw yourselves more as a solid flame of being and that the thoughts that came to you that were of your same nature resonated with the flame and those that were not, would dissolve. In that way you can maintain an image of yourselves as being a carrier of light into areas perhaps where light is not so common.

QUESTION: How can we shield ourselves from negativity?

PLEIADIANS: It is how you think of yourself. It is being in that moment aware of what goes on around you, even if you are not aware of it. Believe that those thoughts are there. Make it a portion of your living experience that you understand thoughts are around you everywhere and that you, yourself, are the center of your being. It is remembering this, it is carrying your power, it is carrying your light flame of being into all situations and not keeping it like a flashlight and turning it on and off whenever you need it.

Some of you come to your gatherings or you set yourself up for meditation and you turn your light on. You know that you are a light being. Then you go off into the world and you shut it off. It does not do you the best of service to yourself and your personal development. Remember who you are.

You are all portions of beings who are striving in a most glorious way to become more. As you remember that and as you remember that there are those who would assist you as your guardian, guides, advisors, as you learn to recognize who you are and what path you are headed on, you can carry this out to the fullest expression of joy. You would be astounded at what would start happening to you.

Remember that you are this light being, this light entity and you will carry a steadfastness of power and beauty to wherever you are going and you will not have to feel or be affected by the vibrations of others. You will carry the vibration and you do not know what energy you pass from you and affect others who perhaps are in great need of love or recognition. There are numbers on your planet who have been highly evolved beings and it was in a state of grace to be in their presence. This is what you are learning. This is what you need to recognize. Do not advertise by word of mouth. Live by aura of being. It is a high state.

QUESTION: I deeply desire to know myself and I believe in joy. I ask for your assistance.

PLEIADIANS: What is it that you think we can do? If you are in joy, you are in power. Do not give your power away. As you learn to resonate with greater joy, and as you learn to see that joy is bursting forth everywhere within the world, your lives would change.

QUESTION: What about the fear of power and the fear of failure?

PLEIADIANS: There are a number of issues one deals with when one deals with fear of power. If one fears power and is not ready for it, perhaps one has misused power, or perhaps one has been told tales of power and is afraid of one's own power. Or, perhaps you have created situations where power does not seem like so much fun because you have a distorted belief about power.

When we speak of power, we talk about no power that is over another. We talk about awakening a power within each and every human being and that power stays there inside the being and that power is a belief that one has, a resource that is extremely valuable, that one values beyond all else. That power one taps into because that power keeps you alive. It keeps your experience joyful, creative and of great variety. If you are afraid of your own power, then essentially you are afraid of your self.

If you find that you are having confusing beliefs about your power and your selves, it would behoove you all on a daily basis, a few times a day to close your eyes and to say to yourself, "I am who I am." Develop a love for yourself, and get in touch with what and who this being is.

As you learn to love the entity that you are, you will develop a love for the power that you have. That power will allow you to move through your life with happiness and harmony. We are not speaking of a power over others at all for each is in charge of yourselves. When you are fearing power, often it is because of how you have used that power over others. The truly powerful being is one who manifests in the highest form of joy and experience, and maintains great harmony in their daily life. That is power.

QUESTION: How does one relinquish judgment?

PLEIADIANS: One looks at one's own life and becomes tired of being judged. If you are judging others, you and your life are being judged. If you are passing judgment on others, as far as what they would be doing, whether it be right or wrong, others would do the same to you in your own life. It would be your mirror experience.

It is easy not to judge. You simply stop it. You simply cut it off in mid sentence and say, "what am I missing by judging?" When you judge, you miss the larger story and you cut yourself off from information. Being that you are information gathering entities you are doing yourself a great disservice.

QUESTION: How can we get ourselves in closer contact and communication with our dream state.

PLEIADIANS: Number one, you must desire it, and number two, you must make a great effort on your part to actively participate within it. Now when we say a great effort, this is not like you have to move mountains of dirt with your hands or to carry great loads of boulders. It is not that sort of work. It is a great commitment on your part to acknowledge first of all that there is a viable reality, one of many that transpires within your dream state.

First Cause, to a large extent, is an idea. First Cause dreamed creation into being. It is a powerful portion of your source, this dreaming state.

It is a tool available for you. There is a wall between the waking world experience and the dream world experience. The greatest facilitator that you have for reaching that wall and making a bridge over it or a hole through it, is to correspond quite literally either by speaking of it or writing of it.

You are creating a validity to it and capturing a reality, pulling it from one reality to another. As you learn to pull one reality to another, you will create a merging of realities so that there will be a you who will eventually wonder which world you are in.

Some of you have had this experience where you know that the dream world is quite valid, and you are not sure if you are dreaming or if you are awake. And some of you have carried this into the waking world. That is power. It is not confusion. That is the understanding of the ability to manipulate form through thought. You all know that in the dream world, the basic law is instantaneous manipulation of matter through thought.

If you wish to explore that territory and become adept in it, then we suggest you begin to change your dreams. Begin to change the experience that you are having while you are having it. Bring a manifestation in the middle of a dream. Manifest a ship and go for a ride in your dreams. See where it is that you end up.

QUESTION: How can one tell the difference between when you are creating your own problems versus a situation when something is beyond our control of being able to change it?

PLEIADIANS: It is never beyond your control. If something seems like it is beyond your control and that you are swept up in a whirlwind, relax and flow with it and get out as soon as you can. Do not fight what you do not want to be in. If you find that you are caught up in this sort of energy that would carry you around, that would seem as if you were helpless, relax and flow with it, and create within your mind that this is not for me and I journey off this wagon as soon as it slows down.

You all forget that you can create whatever you want. You can send out the message that you are ready for new experience. You think you are alone. You all are surrounded by much energy. There are many who would come to your assistance. If you are feeling that you are in lack of information, or lack of resources, or whatever, set about a program to bring them to you.

As you align yourself with light and the greatest fulfillment of your being, you cannot help but draw that to yourself. It is your own negative thought that sabotages self, and keeps you away from the greatest experience.

It is your challenge to create a balance within your life. In order to move into the area of personal development that lies ahead for you, be very aware of your hopes. The joy that balance can bring will open doorways where now you see a wall. There have been doorways that have been opened for you in your most recent times that you did not expect even to be there. You are making the foundations for yourself.

You are building new parameters. So when it seems as if there are no doorways, no new expressions of being, no opportunities, allow yourself to move in balance and to keep the self very centered and to know that doorways will open through your patience.

Acknowledge that you are love, that you are light, and that you are on a great journey even if sometimes you cannot recognize it. You are indeed great travelers. We honor you and give you our blessings.

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