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6. BREAKING PATTERNS | channeled by Barbara Marciniak

Updated: Jun 9, 2019


We would like to speak about freedom, and what you think the flight to freedom involves. There is going to be a spiritual revolution. The United States is going to show what freedom truly means. It means to be a thought manifestor, one who understands how to make reality move. That is what you are lining yourselves up for.

Those of you who think that you are free are stuck in limitations. You are keeping the boundaries too close to your being. You are very far from free. Freedom has no limitations. Freedom always has somewhere else to go. When you argue for your freedom, and say you are free, you are the farthest from it. Because freedom knows no bounds. There is always more to go. That is the flight into freedom.

QUESTION: How do you relate surrendering your will to be one with the creative life force and working that along with manifesting, or creating?

PLEIADIANS: When you talk about surrendering your will, you must remember, and we remind all of you of this, First Cause, Prime Creator, God, is within all things. You are operating with the will of First Cause. First Cause does not judge. First Cause allows the journey to be explored. It is up to the individual consciousness to move through experience in order to determine what would be the greatest alignment of energy to facilitate growth. You are insinuating that one could err. That one could be bad. That one could go against the will of God.

What we are saying is even those that, according to your judgments, go against the will of God have God within them. You all think if something is uplifting it must be right and if it is not uplifting it must be wrong.

Each of you has sojourned into many experiences that have not been so cozy and comfortable. Each of you in those situations learns something fantastic, learns something that stays with you, that allows you to build a whole new avenue of your consciousness upon it because you did something that was not so good.

Move out of judgment. Move into the freedom of self in the moment. Do not define any limitations as to what you think you can or cannot do. For your greatest growth, work with the love of yourself in your heart, honoring yourself, feeling this magnificent energy of self.

QUESTION: Is fear a boundary?

PLEIADIANS: Fear is a boundary yes. Fear is one of the oldest companions that you will have to walk with, because fear is a boundary that you rationalize. You have a good reason for it, so you think. And so you create a solid brick wall with fear. Each one of you, in the course of your journeys, will have to dissolve your fears, whether they are fears of very known things or fears of unknown things.

We had someone come to us today, and she told us about a dream that she had, and we explained to her what happened. In her dream she became insistent upon going into an area where she did not understand the rules of the game. She was not prepared to conquer the darkness that she saw.

Her fear served her well when it came up because it pulled her astral body back out of the environment. She was a bit too cocky because she was being trained and thought that she could go all these places and be a thought manifestor in every reality. She was shown the awesomeness of realities.

She is humbled a bit now because she realizes that even though she is a magnificent thought manifestor, in her dream world there are still areas of going that even put the fear inside of her.

She understood that she would have to face that fear, but it would take strength for her to go into Lit] at sometime and dissolve it. When she did not have that strength, that fear came at her and it ruled her world. It ruled her world so much in the astral that her physical body was effected. She could not align her astral with her physical and she struggled to get back in. She was frightened, shaken to the core of her being.

QUESTION: With this freedom, she found new limitations?

PLEIADIANS: For the moment. We said she went into this with a cocky attitude, thinking that she understood everything. This is an example of one who thinks they know all. The next time she goes into that reality, we'll bet you that she will be able to move through it and nothing will harm her.

Fear, in that incident, served her very well. It let her know her soul was in danger. That is what fear is for. To let you know that your life is at stake. To pull back. That is the purpose of having fear within your body. So that you know that you must regroup and rearrange your movement forward.

Fear is a signal that says, "look out." But you all misuse fear. You all have called things fearful simply because you are lazy. Simply because you are lacking in courage.

QUESTION: Is freedom an awareness that we move into or is it just realizing that we are always getting closer to new possibilities?

PLEIADIANS: On your planet, freedom will always be getting closer to new possibilities. Your United States was formed with a spiritual intention. It was formed by great masters who came into the body. It was formed by those that were born in humble places and some that were born in high places and incarnated in the form of man to carry a certain vibration into a land that later on would be known to be the leader of this movement.

That time has returned. Many of your spiritual leaders are once again incarnated in different forms. And they are coming together. There is awakening, within your government as well. Many wish to see this freedom brought closer now to the hearts of man. And they will be rallying in this country about what freedom is.

There is truly no suppressing it. There is no way that this is going to be stopped. It is out of the hands of man. We have said to you that you are beloved creatures upon your planet.

Some of you selected to sojourn in times of great difficulty and that is your choice. So, if you selected to sojourn in times of joy, that we applaud. But you all have incarnated many times in this plane. And every time between your incarnations you have clamored and asked for assistance over and over again. And you have insisted that your consciousness is ready for the time.

QUESTION: We were stretching our boundaries a little.

PLEIADIANS: Yes you were. When you are not in body, you stretch yourselves beautifully. Now that energy has been asked to come and design the time, and this is the time. And so it is designed and called for by you.

Those creator gods work with you in symbiotic relationships to alter, from the very depths of your being, that which you are capable of. You think that it is going to be so much work. It is not. You are being altered. All you need to do is to respond in the very simple fashion that we speak of to the alteration that is being transplanted inside of you. You merely need to push the activation button.

QUESTION: We find it difficult to manifest because we'd like to believe in something other than what we perceive as true right then and there. Like the Chinese struggle to manifest freedom, because they don't perceive in that moment that they have it. Is that the reason that I find it difficult to believe that I could manifest unlimited freedom to move in my consciousness, because I experience it as being so locked down, so shut down, that it doesn't seem to make sense?

PLEIADIANS: The possibilities of all that you are desiring are inside of you. Until you convince yourselves of that and you let go of the boundary of what is possible, you will keep yourself from discovering that. Remember the Chinese. Remember what possibilities they are after that some of them think are completely beyond their grasp. And you take them for granted.

Freedom to walk into a nice place to live. The freedom to buy clothes. Freedom to buy something to eat. Freedom to walk down the street unharmed. The freedom to be recognized, to acknowledge what you think, and not have anyone lock you up for it.

These are old freedoms that you fought for that others are awakening to now. You must get into the idea of how, at one time, these things were impossible for some humanities. And are still impossible for some humanities. You must take your perspective and feel the compassion for them and send the idea that it is not impossible.

Look at what you think is impossible. Come into a moment of recognition, a moment of knowing that is brilliant, a flash of understanding, "Goodness, I am thinking that that is impossible. That is not very wise of me is it? I am setting a boundary." It is merely a pattern of thought that you argue for.

QUESTION: To break that pattern do we have to believe, first of all, that we can break that and intend that to happen, and believe that we deserve to have whatever we are reaching for?

PLEIADIANS: It is always deserving a possibility. Is it possible? Yes it may be possible. Do I deserve it? Am I worthy of it? You move back and forth with these things. It is the commitment. It is that stubborn insistence directed to it's expanding boundaries. It is looking at that that you formerly accepted as a definition and saying, "To heck, I'll go for more."

It is consciously moving it out and not worrying about how or what is going to happen. Get out of the logical mind. Move the boundary out, and then don't get into a logical debate with yourself. Be in the creative mind.

QUESTION: I notice myself blocking things that happen to me using my logical mind. Could you suggest ways to get beyond that?

PLEIADIANS: This is a good question. How does one stop dancing with the logical mind? That is a vast challenge. But it is a belief system as well. The logical mind is always wanting control. It is always thinking that it is right. The creative mind, the child, is not arguing to be right. It wants adventure, excitement, something new. It is a matter of identification. A focus of conscious awareness of how you wish to approach your life.

The logical mind will always hold you in limitation. It will give you a sense of false security and false identity. The logical mind will normally represent fears. It will keep you from doing that which you are afraid of doing. The creative mind is the impulsive self. The self that makes no logical sense. The self that is uninhibited.

The self that runs naked through your dreams. That self is the self that has a direct pipeline to your guides, to the portion of yourselves that would bring you with ease, all of the joy and harmony you could possibly want.

It is just that you are so aligned, and you have so many contracts and treaties, that the logical mind, or the ego that is attached to it, is afraid of being wrong. You are afraid of being foolish. You are afraid of being ridiculed if you base your decisions upon the creative self. So, those of you that doubt will be afraid to move into creativity and will find themselves fighting difficulties. Those that move into creativity and trust will find that the world opens before them, and there is no logical explanation for it.

There are many people that have played with these ideas and have had many successes. Much to their own surprise. We would have many testimonials if we started to ask. It is simply changing a pattern. Breaking a habit. When you decide to quit smoking cigarettes, what do you do? You stop.

When you decide to lose weight, you start by following through on a program that you are going to set out for yourself as to how you will achieve it. When you want to do something, there is action that is involved. So, when you want to move into the creative mind, you take action into the creative mind which is stepping into the impulsive, the uncontrolled, the uncontrollable, intuitive self.

QUESTION: How do you do that?

PLEIADIANS: How do you stop smoking cigarettes? We are not being funny, we are being serious. How do you stop smoking cigarettes? You don't pick another one up, do you?

When you make the decision, that you are ready to stop with the logical mind, there are many techniques that will activate themselves for you. But, as we said earlier, you have contracts and treaties with the logical mind that you find very difficult to break. Take your own power. Design yourselves. Design your world. Go about it in any fashion that you choose.

We are going to teach you something new. It is not so new, but it has a new slant to it. When we were in Washington DC, the vehicle Barbara and her friends were meeting many humanities. The vehicle said to the others, "Let's not make this hard work. Let's just intend what we want and sit back and let it come to us."

So they began to intend up a storm. Each one was trying to out intend the other with outrageousness. They were laughing and having a good time, and they were sending out wonderful vibrations from their booth and the right people started flocking over. So, they made up a name. "Let's play Intendo."

Why not play a bit of Intendo every day with yourselves or with your friends? It is fun and we suggest you do it because it will allow you to break down the barriers.

QUESTION: I have altered state experiences every so often. But, I don't believe they are possible. I don't understand why I don't believe in the possibility of experiences I've had.

PLEIADIANS: You are stuck in the logical mind here. That is what you are arguing for, the logical mind. You are saying, "I don't believe what I experience is possible." You need to take a trip with Dorothy and Toto.

It is the control of the logical mind. It will not relinquish a breaking of the pattern. The logical mind insists that a certain world vibrates within a certain pattern. And so you argue for the logical mind. We must ask you again, to step out of logic. Begin to believe that which is illogical and do not judge it.

QUESTION: You once told me that my consciousness would change when I got beyond the limitation of thinking that I am so-and-so, I live in this year, and I live in this body, I am this self. What do you mean by that?

PLEIADIANS: When we spoke about the defining of yourself, we were simply saying that when you make a statement in definition of who you are, it is a boundary that goes up around you, very simply. The more you define yourself, the more boundaries that you have, as far as what you think you are capable of experiencing.

Many of you describe yourselves so well, you form other peoples boundaries around yourselves. You say, "Hi, I am so-and-so. I have three children, and I am a typist."

What you are working towards, is relinquishing control of your identity and allowing it to have a new housing, a new definition. It is a very subtle energy, this redefining who the self is. You are understanding that as you redefine the identity, you will not become less. You will not lose a thing. You will gain perspective upon yourselves.

That is what you have a hard time convincing yourselves of. The logical mind has convinced you that you could lose yourself. That goes back to the idea of death. You associate giving up the logical portion of yourself, with the death of your ego and the annihilation of your being. Most of you are afraid of what lies beyond death. That is where your blocks come in. It has not been made known as common basis upon your planet, that there is no death.

QUESTION: If there is no death, there is no failure either, right?

PLEIADIANS: Failure is somewhat synonymous with death. Failure can be taken further and further, because when one fails, one is afraid that one will be annihilated. There is fear in failure because one is in disturbance about the place that one may be going that one associates with death, or blanking out, that nothing exists.

When one has failure, one usually feels close to death. One has given up. Nothing is there. But you see, that belief is the same belief as fear in death.

QUESTION: Isn't failure just a perception?

PLEIADIANS: Oh, yes, it is. Failure is the need to keep one in one particular place, to show oneself one is afraid to move.

There is no failure. Failure is a label, just like death is a label. It has a personal meaning for you. You take this belief, or this fear of failure, and you bring it to yourself because you put power into it, and because you label it a failure. If you could learn to trust that there is no failure, it is only stepping stones leading to whatever lessons you need to learn, you stop labeling things as failure. There are a number of individuals who like to dwell upon failure.

They are asking for sympathy. They are asking for a handout when they talk about failure. "Oh, I have failed. Someone come to love me, someone come hug me, someone come help me, I have failed." Simply say, "Someone come love me. I was successful today."

Make those things that seemed beyond your reach, within your reach. We will always offer you a new horizon, a new experience. It will be up to you to go for it.

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