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9. CODINGS | channeled by Barbara Marciniak

Updated: Jun 9, 2019


Buried deep inside of you are all of your answers. The questions that come to the forefront of your minds are coming so that you can start within your own beings and bring up your own answers. In order to achieve this you must first believe that the information is stored there.

Humanity is learning a great lesson at this time. The lesson, is of course, to realize your godhood; to realize your connectedness with All That Is, with all that exists; to realize that there are multitudinous cultures and societies that exist throughout the vastness of what you call space, and that these societies and these cultures have been on and off your planet from the very beginning.

It is not just that we, the Pleiadians, have come to assist. We are one grouping from one star system. There are many who have journeyed here for many reasons. Some have come for resources, some for fuel. Some have come to teach. Some have come to suppress. Some have come to enslave. Some have come to use the Earth sphere, Terra, as a laboratory.

What we are speaking of is no great secret. But it is kept from your societies. It has served your world well to a certain extent to forget that you have star and spatial connections. As this information was passed down from one mouth to another and the stories were altered here and there to suit the teller and to suit the situation, certain aspects of the ancient history of your planet turned into myth.

When you are children you learn about these myths and you call them fairy tales, or legends. But, indeed, they are about something. They are about your history, and they are at this time very distorted.

There was a purpose behind all of this. There are no accidents. All is agreed upon and planned through the magnificent telepathic connections that exist between all of mankind and all of the cosmos. You moved into this state of unawareness, so that you could explore new territories of being on your earth.

Many of you who are familiar with our words and the words of many wise ones that are assisting you in your growth at this time, think badly of those who are on your planet who are not in accord with this information. It is completely unnecessary. The development and the unfolding of humanities is proceeding quite nicely.

There are many, many groupings at this time who are following the great pull of curiosity that moves them to their beings. They are stepping forward and daring to be a bit different, and daring to believe in new concepts and ideas.

It is our role to offer you a bit of confidence on your journey, to assist you to align yourselves with your own memories so that you can truly blossom forth and provide yourself with your own understanding.

Your bodies are completely coded with the information that is necessary. It is not only that your bodies are coded and that you respond to certain calls that go out. It is also that as you are being awakened, opened, and as you consciously seek this, you send out a signal and you draw to yourselves a great host of beings.

Your histories move in and out of very special times. Many of you became involved here eons ago through star energy, through Pleiadian contact, through working with the higher realms. Many of you know the difficulties quite completely that Terra has gone through how many times the lands have shifted; how many times help came from the skies.

Information was distorted as those who came from the skies to move you along in your development were turned into gods. Even children now idolize those who can do what they cannot do. Your society demonstrates to you, quite clearly, this concept of godhood. We are here to remind you, it is unnecessary.

Your third dimensional world is one of great challenge. It is one that allows magnificent limitations to set themselves up. Through these limitations, structures are formed. And you learn. And you attempt to create.

You all are a great portion of the First Creator, First Cause, and First Cause desires experience. So when you judge your fellow man for not being what you think they should be or, worst of all, when you judge yourself for not being what you think you should be, you place barriers around your experience. What we are telling you is that you are glorious beings.

Not all on the planet are ready for this shift. As we see it, there will be two probable worlds that will split off those who cannot follow the development into the fourth and fifth dimensional experience, and that of uniting, comprehending all is energy. Those that cannot follow this will form their own Earth sphere, Terra. What you forget, and we continue to remind you of, is the third dimensional experience is not one of solidity even though it seems to you that your world is solid and that you are solid beings. You are energy within space.

This energy can be manipulated and changed around through the process of thinking. Your experience in the world that you will be forming is completely contingent on your thoughts. When you learn to honor yourselves and to trust that your thoughts form your experience and that they do indeed count, that each and every one of you makes a difference when you begin to completely feel this and live this, then you will be stepping forward into your work. You will have great demonstrations of this, and you will begin to create, to form, and to magnify your feelings into experience.

We started off by telling you that you are coded. All mankind is coded deep within the essence of their being, deep within the cells of their being. They are coded to certain responses and certain behaviors, and these codes are implanted by you. None other comes into your life and takes control over you. When you are out of body in your times of overview and study, you plan the time that you would sojourn within and the personality that you would occupy, and the challenges that would rise forth before you.

How else would you know to respond? Think about it. Think about the intimacy of your own being. And think about yourselves and who you are and how glorious you are. You have placed within portions of your body, certain bits of information, that would be activated at the appropriate times, and you would meet the most necessary people, and you would be in the proper places. This is so for all humanities.

We are here to assist you to give you some basic understanding of how you yourselves are going to transform your experience on your planet. It is not that you are going to be saved by those from the skies. You are being assisted, you are being guided.

You are asking for help, we are giving, as many others are. But, as a mother would say to a child, if I do your homework for you, you will never get to college. If you examine who you are and what your desires in life are, you will find that you know deep within you who you are. When you say that you do not, you are taking a position of powerlessness. You are not acknowledging the glory of your humanity.

Allow yourself to perceive new dimensions of experience and new realities, and to notice what you are doing for yourselves. Your beliefs can stop you completely in your tracks from moving forward. They are your greatest allies, your beliefs, for they allow you to move through your day-to-day experience in what ever way you choose.

You are awakening yourselves. You are encoded. Most importantly, you are a direct result of your thought manifestations. Your experience is a direct result of your thought manifestations.

QUESTION: In recent times it appears that things on the planet are accelerating in a very fast way to it's own annihilation. Unless there are changes, it won't last. So, should we be unattached to the earth or should we try to change it?

PLEIADIANS: There is no trying to change. You cannot try to change anything. When you try, you don't accomplish a thing. Trying is inactivity. Doing is what will bring about change.

It is very important to care about your world. Indeed it does seem as if the world is going down the tubes so to speak. But this has occurred in other ways in other times in similar activities.

What you do not understand is that the world is not solid. All humanities, out of their love for Mother Earth, feel a need to change, to save the Earth. When you understand that it is not a solid mass of being that you are working with, you are already one step on the board of the game. When you understand completely that thought manifestation is what creates the world, then you understand how important your thought manifestation is.

Your doing, your activity is secondary. You can do all you want, but if you don't believe that your doing is any good, and that you are one powerless individual, then you will not help the shift of the world.

As we see it, the duality and the polarity that is coming on your planet will involve a breaking off of two completely different, separate Terras. You think that there are going to be two Earths and the astronomers from other places would have twin Earths.

You must understand that all is energy and that there are many probable worlds, and that each of you move into a probable world of your experience whenever you change your mind. That occurs continuously.

But, we are talking about a major event, a major splitting off now, so that those on the planet, who wish to come full cycle to be complete, will create now, a world that is healed, that is joyous and that is full of beauty.

Often, before one understands that one is on a path of destruction, that one is not moving in the greatest direction of growth, one must become ill in order to receive and to re-evaluate and to heal. The Earth sphere, Terra, could be cleaned up quite quickly by entities from the stars. But, the Earth sphere, Terra is your responsibility.

You can, and you will at some point, receive great assistance. But your challenge is to understand that the work that is to be done is not primarily done with hammers and nails. The work would be primarily done with thought. And when you learn to come together in groupings and to recognize one another, and to recognize that indeed you achieve tremendous steps forward when you focus on manipulating the energy to allow it to grow and manifest and bring in great light, then indeed, you are creating this.

You are greatly assisted as far as keeping destructive mechanisms from detonating. You have no idea. This universe has free will, and so the challenges often times are much greater. We have codes of honor that we ourselves must obey. There is only so much interference that can come about, so much that can be transmuted.

But when it comes to the great destructive detonations, many have been stopped so that energies can reassess what their intentions are. Often it takes the desire of one mind calling for assistance. One small child in the desert expecting to wake up tomorrow morning, and calling to some unknown god in the sky as he lays down to sleep, looking at the stars, knowing that he plans on waking up on the morrow. And so often, one small cry like that changes the balance of energy and great beings of light come and they assist because they know that it can be staved off.

Honor Mother Earth. Whatever portion of Mother Earth that you occupy, that you own, that you walk over, send loving thoughts. Align yourself with the Earth, and the Earth energy and do what you feel is necessary for your own personal growth. Again, the greatest work will be done with your thoughts. Do not allow yourselves to buy into the idea that your Earth is doomed. For we guarantee you that it is not.

QUESTION: Would you clarify the idea of two Terras?

PLEIADIANS: The concept of probability is that there is no one reality and that you yourselves branch off continuously through your thoughts. It is not that you ever change a world, you change which world you occupy. Again this goes back to the idea that your world is not solid. It is constructed of energy, and that energy takes form through the thoughts of those that participate within that world.

There are, and there always have been, probable Earths and probable experiences. There are probable yous who are leading quite different lives than the yous sitting within this room. You are frequency, energy. You are literally beating to a chord of energy that sings you into existence. You are so familiar with it, that you stay focused with it continuously on one aspect of your experience. But, experience goes on from many perspectives. and what you are learning is how to change the frequency and change the beat so that you can notice what you usually do not notice.

What is occurring is this great polarization of energies, participants and observers. Many who have come to observe have come to disrupt as well. They have come to learn their stuff in this time so to speak. There are also the participants who are completely intent on creating this world, which will be quite glorious.

As we see it, as the probable worlds begin to form, there will be great shiftings of humanities on your planet. It will seem that great chaos and turmoil are forming. It will seem that nations rise against each other to war. It will seem that earthquakes are happening more frequently. It will seem that the animals and the fish are departing. What is occurring is that those animals are now moving over to that world as it is being formed. They are not departing in existence, they merely slip into the world to await your pleasure and to await your joining them.

It is difficult for us to explain this to a certain extent because it is beyond the experience of the third dimensional entity. You are moving to the fourth dimension. When this move is made, literally you will form a new Earth. And literally you will be there and it will seem to you as if you have all awoken from a dream. You will awake in a world that is pristine and beautiful.

Your skies are full of observers watching and waiting to see how you will do this and give you assistance in doing this, because it seems as if it is completely beyond the possibility of your world for many. Not for you who have studied this energy as alchemists, as ancient Atlantians, in temple life. The training that you have had in other times has all been the encoding that has been placed within your being to prepare you for this juncture.

QUESTION: So, if this new world is in the fourth dimension, would you clarify what the difference is between the dimensions?

PLEIADIANS: The newly formed world will have all dimensions in it. Dimensions exist over each other, on top of each other, within each other, around each other. Because of your training and because of the way you have been set up to believe and think about yourselves, it does not seem possible to accept these ideas.

That is why we scramble up your minds, so to speak, so that you can make room when you are on your own, and have lights go off in your heads to comprehend. It is not that we are explaining to you so much, it is that we are jumbling you up.

You, yourselves, will right your energy. Any of you that are feeling jumbled at certain times and confused and frustrated, it is because you are doing great work, it is because you are realigning the thought process and the understanding process of who you are.

The third dimensional experience is one that seems to be solid. It seems to be in straight line, event following after event, and it seems that the whole world is defined. It seems solid.

The fourth dimensional experience is one of perception. It is one where you know certain things, where the body is seemingly less solid. Where one can see light beings, where one can hear sounds, where one uses other facilities to learn and to gather information.

The fifth dimensional experience allows one the opportunity to become less solid completely. And it is that ability that you are working towards. That is where humanities are eventually moving to.

Some will come on this new world because of great love. They will come purely as third dimensional beings because they are pure of heart, and pure of love. It is not that they have studied in temples and schools of learning, it is because they have learned to love. And they have learned to speak with the Earth, and they desire peace and beauty. Many of that type of man will come to this new Earth.

Your roles will be to teach these men and women how to move in the fourth dimension and fifth dimension. Because they will not be blocked, they will be completely open because of their love, they will grow and they will make an evolutionary leap within their consciousness that is astounding.

Love is the key. Love is what makes up the universe. We have said to you that your technology will only develop to a certain extent because mankind, the scientists, do not understand that love is necessary. Energy can take all forms of creativity, but when one is dealing with greed or hatred, or any of the other multitudinous emotions that are not working towards light, then you only are allowed to go so far. There is only so much information that is available to that sort of vibration. Love is the basic building block. When one has love, all possibilities exist.

QUESTION: Assuming we finish up our duty on Earth in this lifetime, where do we go?

PLEIADIANS: There are many on the planet at this time who are here to complete within this activity of experience. They have sojourned here over and over again to learn, to plan, to educate themselves, to encode their beings in preparation for this time.

When this new world is formed, your extension of lifetime will completely change, your perceptions of time will completely change, and it will be an altered state of being. You will be united with the star energies and extraterrestrials that have been assisting your planet and cultures for eons.

They will come to offer all sorts of varieties of experience. Some will choose to work on other planets as conscious beings. Some will choose to stay here on Terra to rebuild and to structure a new society. Many will stay to work with the children and to have the children teach them.

When you are translating from whatever experience you have, those who are here to complete will understand that the job is done. A new world is formed, and that those that wish to, will have a safe platform and a beautiful planet, a jewel of a planet, to move forward with.

That planet will draw only certain energy to itself because the energy would have been purified and righted and brought into great alignment. Many of you have been here for so long, that you long for other experiences.

It is not that you are stuck here. It is that to complete a portion of your journey, you stayed. And you all have come to be very fond of one another and so there will be greater discussions, and greater options of where you would be going.

Some of you would not choose to come into third dimensional bodies for a long long time for there is much to be done without coming into bodily incarnations and being born. Within the spirit world, there is much traveling to do and many of you will take vacations as you would call them, and travel about to re-activate what you have forgotten.

You will check out certain places of activity. You will go to different planets and see different forms of being. Time does not exist, so it would be possible, in your terms, to spend one million of your years searching to see where you wished to go next. And those one million years go by like a month's vacation.

You may go somewhere and become involved in sound or light or manipulating matter into shapes. Or you may be content become part of crystalline forms that merely exist, that merely act as senders of information. You may become one with these crystalline structures that have become gigantic and make up entire planets on other dimensions.

You would go there to ease your soul's journey and to become one with all the consciousness that would be, like the central computer in certain areas of existence. These crystalline structures would take in and pass out information. That would be quite satisfying because you would have perceived the experience without actually having to go through the bodily incarnation.

Some of you, after your success, may be quite bold and daring and choose to assist another planet in its growth. You would come in and be born as them, or buzz them within these starships and intrigue them.

It is quite complicated. It is all fun. It is all loving. And it is a vast magnificent plan that changes all the time and is always available to you. You must understand that you, yourselves, are very important in all of this. You have wide vistas of experiences open to you.

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