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WHO WE ARE? | by Ive Sunvehdon & Friends

Updated: May 30, 2019


Who we are? Why we are here? And where do we come from? These seemingly simple questions I've been asking my self during a deep shift and transformation took place in my life.

It seems since the ancient records of time in different belief systems and spiritual traditions, Men had always searched for the answers to these questions, trying to understand where he fits in the grand cosmos he is surrounded by. How unnatural is the fact that we live in a society where became a norm to not know the answers to these simple questions, where we are taught not to even reflect about such matters. The purpose of this writing is to inspire to re-discover the innate power which we all are gifted with, to create the life we wish to live.

The times in which we live now are characterized by immense changes as on a personal, so on a mass scale. The greatest change which is taking place in our world is the transformation of human awareness and perception. These two are the basis and the primary source for creating our reality. The outer world is a mirror reflection of our inner world. Many people now are in deep crisis, and this crisis stems from a deeply ingrained fear of knowing the truth, in some way of knowing our real self. To release this collective fear, we must be willing to go deeper, beyond our educational system, beyond what we have been taught to perceive and accept as the only existing version of reality. It is now the time to integrate our spiritual essence and become aware about how we use our minds. The outdated view of powerlessness having whatsoever no control over our lives is no longer supported by the new energies entering our planet. It is like if an old software in computer had been updated with the new one. All which belonged to the old operating system will no longer work, and those who still use it will experience great resistance and difficulties. The new energies are all about discovering our inner world and thus taking the path of self empowerment.

The space, the ether is full of life and vital energies carrying information, this expanding awareness is now sweeping the globe stimulating humanity on a cellular level to wake up and discover our power. All of existence is filled with energy that is responsive, alive, intelligent, vibrant, flexible, and telepathic. We are a part of this existence, we are imbued with the same qualities. As our solar system travels the depths of space, it traverses a high energy terrain of cosmic radiation, which is filled with a seemingly infinite web of consciousness blueprints. This creates a massive shower of a fiery energy that continuously strikes Earth, which brings immense quantities of intense atomic particles that penetrate the cells and atoms of all things, providing a form of celestial electricity filled with vital life-force energy. This massive cosmic energy is triggering us humankind to open our eyes to a greater spiritual purpose.

What is that purpose? That purpose is realizing we are our own creators endowed with the same power as the Source of All That Is.. Human beings are a part of a creator consciousness, it means we do create all the time whether consciously or unconsciously. We can learn to direct our thoughts and emotions in beneficial and purposeful way, and thus create a peaceful, abundant, healthy and joyful world for all. All we need to do is to direct our attention on the world within us, acknowledge our true self that we are inseparable part of the Source, and to focus on that which we wish to create and experience. There are truly no limitations but those we chose to believe. Because we are not taught how to use our thoughts and feelings to create the reality, we use it most of the time without being aware of the outcome. In this world; separation, chaos, violence, greed and other destructive energies are advertised daily in our media and entertainment. Our minds and hearts are literary polluted from the childhood with such unbeneficial stimuli to human wellbeing. Human brain is highly programmable, we've got so used to it that we no longer question this outer projections. It became for us a way of life and we pass this information in our genes from generation to generation. Thus we become what we think.

The nature of the vital force which pervade all space is such that it creates where it is directed with our thoughts and human emotional states. Human minds and hearts are devices to create, maintain or replicate the realities. Often we think if we direct our attention to the drama and chaos, in some way we are helping, but what we are doing instead is, we are maintaining that vibrational reality, our thoughts and emotions are nurturing and sustaining it.

For thousands of years, many clever diversions have kept humanity from understanding the true nature of its power and natural talent for creating the worlds. For many millennia, limiting beliefs about our lack of personal power have been accepted as facts throughout our world; this was achieved through focussing our attention on these beliefs. Beliefs in general are agreements about certain reality, and they set the stage for what one would experience as his reality. Our state of awareness determines how we respond to the dramas of life we have created. We have the free will to chose what we will, and what we saw will be ours to harvest.

Understanding the power of beliefs and the power of the mind, both individually and collectively is the most pressing and crucial issue for us humankind to grasp. Recognizing these two important keys of knowledge can open human consciousness to a new world view of UNLIMITED POSSIBILITIES and highly creative solutions. Beliefs, thoughts, and feelings leave a distinct formative imprint on the field of vital energy that envelops our world and everything in the multiverse. We are creating all of the time and now we are finally rapidly awakening to this astounding realization.

Knowledge is sacred, and who posses it has the power. In ancient times throughout our history when one culture or civilization wanted to be wiped out from Earth, the great importance was placed on destroying all of the archives where the records and knowledge was stored. It was done so such culture would not repeat its existence on Earth in the future generations. This system is very actual till these days. The best way how to manipulate reality is to hide knowledge of origin, when one forgets his most essential part it is easier manageable.

Now finally the turning point in human evolution had arrived, and more and more people start to question this system where the illness and suffering became a norm. People start to wonder why it is so? What is the root cause of this disease in our civilization? We are often tricked by the drama and chaos which is projected daily into our minds and hearts. In these days of our human transformation, developing the ability to become aware of what we think, feel, and speak, and structuring our life with pristine clarity through thought, word and action are of essential importance for living an empowered life. Accepting the responsibility for the power we embody, is the essential and most important lesson of this transformation.

During these times of change, opening our minds and hearts to a new points and vistas of life that extend outside of the box of accepted thinking and perceiving is both sensible and admirable. To be able and have courage to perceive reality in a new beneficial way for all, is a service itself to humanity and the Earth. We have all chosen to be here at this time in order to contribute with each of our individual and unique point of view. And when we fully realize how the reality and all which is created in the universe operates, we will use our diversity and colorfulness of views and vistas to enrich our world and each other.

Many of our spiritual leaders and in general heart-minded opened people have realized this truth. They have understood the limitlessness and multidimensionality of human being. Spiritual structures and belief systems should be used only as the tools for self-knowledge, exploration and self- realization otherwise they would become just another Men composed limitation and will produce more suffering, failing to accomplish that for which they were establish in first place. It is possible to deeply respect and preserve our ancient traditions without posing limitations on new more advanced and expanded ways in human spiritual evolution. The most valuable is precious human self and the right spiritual knowledge always should help for further exploration, self-discovery and expansion.

Achieving realization of united heart and mind for us human family is essential for the well being of our future generations as for the peaceful and healthy future of our planet. There are as many ways and paths to a higher and spiritually more advanced human being as there are the stars in space. Peace and Oneness can be achieved despite the diversity of various belief systems and religions. The universe is diversity with the freedom of expressing itself naturally, yet it is connected by the same vital force and each and every particle use this force to create its own experience which will help it to evolve and expand.

Our physical bodies serves as our own intimate example of the impeccable design of life, the intricate and wondrous organization of our cells, bones, and organs illustrates a vast network of cooperation that mirrors back to us the primary nature of existence. By design, we are a fine achievement, a unique organic computer that is fully capable of consciously experiencing the different levels of our own reality, as well as many others. Human form is a "small" replica of the universe and it contains all the records of the bigger Universe we are an inseparable part of.

In the depest of our cells are the memories and records of all of our ancestors, some of whom dealt with the same issues we are encountering today. Perceptions of reality are imprinted in the genetic code and passed along to the various participants in a bloodline. In all lines of time and in all realities of the existence, personal freedom is the prerequisite to pioneering new parameters of possibility.

The nature of existence is imbued with power and so are we. We are a powerful beings, we can not avoid dealing with power, we will always be tested to see if we will abuse and misuse it. Power is a test of character, and the choice is always ours. In one small cell there is more potential power then we could use in our entire lifetime, however we as the global consciousness must first demonstrate our acceptance of ultimate responsibility for handling that kind of power before gates to the mysteries of the multiverse are opened.

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