T H E    W O R L D    O F

 I V E   S U N V E H D O N

   "The self of the individual is the self of the Universe." 

Atlantis Child with Ive Sunvehdon


“What Is Art? Asking this question to most of the people a specific image would come to mind — a particular artwork: a building design, a painting or sculpture, piece of music, poetry or dance; or any other form of creatively manifested vision or idea. But what if we looked at art from an entirely different, much more broader yet deeper perspective. That eternal vibrant, highly intelligent creative force that encompasses every phenomenon and move through every existing particle in the infinite multiverses of which we are inseparable part. That sacred space in us from which everything comes to existence illuminated by our awareness. Then looking at art from this view could open new eyes and dawn a new understanding; where even the simplest everyday action of the body, speech and mind can become an incredibly creative and beautiful unique works of art by simply being present and aware. Living a life from that sacred space of awareness — which is the very Light of What We Truly Are; we will be spontaneously and effortlessly creating an empowered world of unspeakable beauty, abundance and freedom of Infinite Possibilities for All. Where the Love and Compassion becomes universal and basic way of human interaction and exchange.”


I have born in Russia, my mother came from Almaty - Kazakhstan while my father came from Makhachkala - the western shore of the Caspian sea of the Republic of Dagestan. I left Russia when I was a child. Since an early age, I found passion in art and beauty, particularly I have always admired the appearance and grace of feminine form. I remember in Russia, close to where we used to live, there was a theatre where my older brother took me one day. I was about 5 or 6 years old and there was some kind of runaway fashion show going on. When I saw those women walking on the podium so enchanting and beautiful, I said to my brother, “this is what I wanna do when I grow up!” Since that day, this became my dream. Later in my teenage years, I start modelling and moved to Milan then afterwards to New York, Paris, London and L.A. I received Italian citizenship and later on after eight years of a career as a professional model, I was granted the O1 US Visa which are given to individuals with extraordinary abilities who has been recognized internationally for those achievements.


Between the years 2008 and 2011, I have undergone a tremendous and very difficult spiritual transformation which is known in some religious systems as 'Sacred Rebirth.' This inner transmutation had completely changed my live and the way I perceive my self and the world. I quit my career as a fashion model and discovered new creative talents and innate abilities which spontaneously led me to painting and the arts. During that time I have realized that the only true purpose of being here in this world and living a human life is to self-realize and to serve others. My life purpose is Full Selfrealization for the benefit of All Living Beings. My inspiration is to contribute to the world through the art and beauty; to bring about an awareness to the beauty of appearances so that they can be the doors to Selfrealization. This, I truly feel is my unique gift and offering to the world. 


Being in the fashion industry since an early age I understood how powerful impact image has on our society. While it can uplift us by opening our hearts and allowing an expansion of awareness, it could also cause limitations or create self-doubt on the contrary. I have always admired the beauty of human body and the art of apparel. I think it is a pity the "fashion world" is perceived by many as an expression of ego or something which lack the depth and is quite the opposite to spiritual awareness and mindfulness. There is nothing more self-revealing than a person dressing in a way perfectly suited to their own natural and spontaneous beingness. Clothes can be very empowering, and I would even dare to say — self realizing. Fashion is the most intricate form of art which is involved in our daily lives, it should not be looked upon as something shallow without having a deeper purpose. It can be endowed with awareness and consist of deeper meanings which reveals many different inner aspects of a person, just like a multi-faceted diamond.


After the inner transformation mentioned above I began to study and practice Buddhism. Later on in 2015 I met my teacher — a renowned Tibetan Bön Buddhist Master and author Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, who introduced me to the teachings and practices of Dzogchen. Since then this become my Life Path and Practice.


Dzogchen is known as the Great Perfection. It is considered to be the path of self-liberation and the highest form of teaching and practice in the Bön Buddhist tradition which is Tibet's oldest spiritual tradition. For practitioners it offers the potential for liberation during a single lifetime and within a single body. This practice transports the practitioner directly into the nature of mind, which is our true essence. In many ways, it is the simplest yet most subtle of the paths to enlightenment. The great masters and texts of Dzogchen teach that the essence of our being is perfectly clear, open and luminous. Our challenge is to simply and directly discover that within ourselves. In some ways the method of Dzogchen is no method, just simply to be free, open and aware.

Body Of Work

I N T R O D U C T I O N   &   D E S C R I P T I O N

In This Body Of Work I am celebrating the divine sacred feminine. A self-realized, empowered female who has undergone a long and difficult journey from an outward world of appearances to a deeply hidden world of treasures within. My inspiration is my own life story and incredible transformation which I wish to share open-heartedly and fearlessly with the world.


This paintings carry particular and very powerful frequencies — they are the portals to an existing dimensions of being where the viewer can tune in and have a direct experience. They represent multidimensional aspects of self — an infinite versions of self which coexists simultaneously in the unseen.


When I work, I work on many levels of awareness and in meditative state directly channeling that particular vibration into the canvas. To reflect the multidimensional aspect, I use large variety of materials applying many layers, so the artwork have hidden layers underneath and it is three-dimensional. The purpose of this is generating the energy bringing life force to the artwork.


For example creating the painting  ATLANTIS CHILD  as a base layer which is unseen, I have painted the full complex muscle structure of this amphibious extraterrestrial being. This particular artwork took many years to accomplish due its complexity, many layers and very elaborated details. There are 29 domes made from orgone especially created for this painting. Orgone is a crystal based substance using piezo electric energy that produces an ancient energy known as Aether Energy — the Chi Energy or Prana, and can be seen as a blue aura around the earth. This energy is a positive life healing energy — a  very powerful positive energy projector which literally transmutes negative charged vibration into positive one. Does the painting itself is a self driven, continuously operating, highly efficient transmutation device; drawing in negative life energy and transmitting it into the positive one.


I like my artwork to communicate to the viewer a deeper message. The higher wisdom which is not conceptual, which is directly felt within the heart. That is why I use a lot of symbolism in the paintings together with embedded sacred texts and mantras for consecrated purposes, like in the painting  INNER SHANGRI-LA.


Here on my website is a very detailed description for each painting; the creation process, and the explanation of sacred symbolism I have used.


I do believe a real artist can give life to an artwork through his heart, mind and hands. Such art then become alive and with passing time goes through its own evolution — it is directly experienced in the heart by the viewer.

With my life and my work I would like to help to rise the awareness and contribute to a better world of peace and unity in what ever way I can. From all of my sold artwork and income as an artist I will always donate minimum of 50% to various beneficial for humanity organizations and charities who reflect the vision of A Better World For All!

"Mention creativity, and what comes to mind? For many of us, creativity is the province of someone with a singular gift toiling away in service to their art. From this perspective, creativity is a solitary endeavor — the struggle of the individual to express their distinctive vision to the world.

But what if we looked at creativity through a wider lens, as a dynamic force that animates us and connects us with every being on the planet? From this perspective, creativity is not just a spark igniting the fire of inspiration. It is a way of living spontaneously from the sacred space within us — from the source of infinite potential and positive qualities, such as love, compassion, and joy. Expression in any voice, any form that emerges from this core, has the power to heal us and benefit others. The heart of creativity is being of service."


Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche

About Geshe Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche
Geshe Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, founder and spiritual director of Ligmincha International, is an acclaimed author as well as a highly respected and beloved teacher to students throughout the United States, Mexico and Europe. Fluent in English, Tenzin Rinpoche is renowned for his depth of wisdom; his clear, engaging teaching style; and his ability to make the ancient Tibetan teachings highly accessible and relevant to the lives of Westerners.
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