A T L A N T I S   C H I L D


A n   A n c i e n t   M e m o r y


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"A Long time ago I, in my childhood, lay beneath the stars on long buried Atlantis, dreaming of mysteries far above men. Then in my heart, grew there a great longing to conquer the pathway that led to the Stars. Year after year I sought after wisdom, seeking new knowledge, following the way, until at last my soul, in great travail, broke from its bondage of earth-man. Free from the body, I flashed through the night. Unlocked at last for me was the star-space; free was I from the bondage of night. Now to the end of space sought I wisdom, far beyond knowledge of finite man".

Excerpt From The Emerald Tablets of Thoth - The Atlantean , translated and interpreted by Dr. Doreal 1920

Atlantis Child by Ive Sunvehdon

ACRYLIC  PAINTING,  ELABORATED  WITH  VARIETY  OF  MATERIALS  |  W: 100 cm  x  H: 150 cm  |  W: 39.4 in  x  H: 59.1 in  |  GALLERY  WRAP - 3.5 cm  |  1.4 in  



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Atlantis Child by Ive Sunvehdon
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