D A K I N I   H E A R T

T h e   S a c r e d   S e e d   S y l l a b l e   HUM

2 0 1 5 - 2 0 1 6 

“The beauty which comes from love and purity deeply inspires the heart.”

OM is like the sun, but HUM is like the soil, into which the sun's rays must descend in order to awaken the dormant life.

OM is the door to knowledge, HUM is the door to the realization of this knowledge in life, through experience.

OM is the infinite, but HUM is the infinite in the finite, the timelessness in the moment, the unconditioned in the conditioned, the formless as basis of all form: It is the Wisdom of the Great Mirror, which reflects the Void as much as the objects, and reveals the emptiness in the things as much as the things in the emptiness.

HUM is full of depth and sacredness, replete with insight and with all honesty; words can never do justice in explaining its true depth and meaning. We can talk about it and point to different aspects of it, but the true experience of its nature is left to us, the meditators.


“I lay no wood, Brahman, for fires on altars. Only within burneth the flame I kindle. Ever my fire burns, ever composed of self ... and the heart is the altar; the flame thereon — this is a man’s self well tamed.”


T h e   B u d d h a

MIXED  MEDIA  PAINTING  |  W: 116 cm  x  H: 186 cm  |  W: 45.7 in  x  H: 73.2 in  |  GALLERY  WRAP - 3.5 cm  |  1.4 in 


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